About Julie Ray

Having dabbled in photography off and on throughout my life, it became of greater significance to me in the post Hurricane Katrina days. Katrina devastated lives and property throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan area. Our beloved City had become a lifeless void. Silence was pervasive: no leaves to rustle, no birds to sing. Everything had turned to that colorless color that we call Sepia. It was then that color became an essential element in my world. It was then that I craved brilliantly crisp and vibrant color.

My old camera had succumbed to the flood waters. While it had been difficult to refocus life and to replace belongings in the post Katrina days, it was a camera that was my first significant purchase. Picture taking has developed into a passion to capture vibrant life and crisp, brilliant color.

I can only hope that you can appreciate and enjoy the life that surrounds you, that you can love color in your world, that you can focus on beauty in your life and world. I hope that you can enjoy with me that which I capture through my Photo Art.

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